Drupal Development

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a Content Management System.  That means a Drupal site is built as a collection of information, maybe events on a calendar, news articles, FAQs, music, listings of homes, recipies -- whatever you're doing!  Drupal helps you organize this data, but any site is more than just the data.

It's easiest to think of Drupal as organized into four major layers.  The bottom layer contains all the data in what they call "nodes."  Nodes hold all the individutal pieces of data that comprise your website.  Some nodes are basic pages of text, like the About Us page or the Privacy Policy, others may describe a single event or a recipe or a news article or the journalist that wrote the article.

Above the node layer, the second layer, are the ste modules.  Some modules let you add images or link related nodes together or create pages listing all the gluten free recipes.  They organize, annotate, and provide all kinds of additional functionality to the site.

Above that, the third layer, handles users and access control.  This is what let administrators and content mangers to see the adminintration backend, and keep customers on the front end.  If you have a site with premium content, this layer would prevent regular and anonymou visitors from seeing the premium content.

The top layer is the theming layer.  The theme is where the data gets rendered into a web page. The theme sets the fonts and colors, creates the layout of the page, and assembles text, menus, sidebars, headers, footers and everything else to the page.  The brilliance of this system is a with a click of a button, you can change the site's theme and radiacally change the look and feel of the site.

Drupal Association Individual MemberBuiding Your Site

Sentai Digital specializes in the back-end of the site, everything below the theming layer including crating the information architecture to support your site, to writing custom modules that add special features, to tuning the webserver, to general Linux system administration.  

We have partners that can handle the front-end graphic design and turn that design into a dynamically generated web page.