Read More Link

  • Posted on: 14 May 2014
  • By: John Franklin

I just cut a new release of the Read More Link module. Despite being a pretty solid module, it has never had a proper release, much to the angst of deployment managers everywhere. This release has no further changes beyond the dev copy everyone has been using since November, 2011. This should make it easier for project managers to green light the module.

The issue queue is less than one page, a good sign of a healthy module. I’ve done a quick audit of what’s there. There are few bugs, and none of a critical nature. It’s mostly feature requests. Of the patches in Needs Review or RTBC’d, I’ve applied a couple post-release to give them a full release cycle. One of them changes the API for theme_read_more_link(), which would break if anyone was calling it directly.

I’m looking to refactor the module a bit for the next release. It will make adding support for Views and Token easier, and will lend itself to some of the pending feature requests. This will require a longer beta/RC cycle before we cut the next full release, but it will be worth it.

I’d like to thank Todd Nienkerk for granting me co-maintainer status on this module. The Drupal community is stronger thanks to guys like Todd who are willing to contribute where they can, but (more importantly!) are also willing to hand off to someone else when they realize they don’t have the time.