About Sentai Digital

Sentai Digital can handle all of your Drupal needs, from site buildling to custom modules to infrastructure management.  

Custom Modules

Every site has something unique to it.  Sometimes it is a small feature that makes all the difference, like a link that intelligently chooses content based on some business logic.  Sometimes it is a major subsystem in the site, like a custom search engine that populates a map.

Whatever your needs are, Sentai Digital can get it in your site.  Where we can drop in existing open source modules, we will.  When a module does most of what is needed, we will extend the module to cover your needs.  And when nothing quite matches your needs, we can build a custom module tailored to your specific site needs.

Sentai Digital is also active in the community contributing to several open source modules for Drupal and Backdrop CMS.

Rescue Projects

Not all projects go as planned.  If your site seems to be riddled with bugs and nothing seems to work right, the project can seem like it's destined to fail.  Sentai Digital has come in and rescued sites from themselves in the past, and we can do the same for you.

We start by ensuring the right tools are in place to guide the project from development through testing to production and then look at what is already built.  Less experienced developers will often put in short cuts to accomplish a task, favoring "done now" over "done right."  Sometimes it is data with two meanings depending on the context.


Moving to Drupal or Backdrop is like moving to a new city.  Everything is unfamilar, getting around at first is daunting, and it is all too easy to get lost.  But once you learn the major streets and landmarks, you can find your way around without even thinking about it.

So it is with a new web site.

As part of any project, we spend some time with you and your staff to walk them them through the how to accomplish their daily tasks on the site.

Agile and DevOps Ready

It's not enough to see it working on a developers laptop, your site needs to be published for the world to see.  Sure, the first deployment is as easy as copying it up to the production server, but that doesn't work for the second deployment, especially when there are multiple developers working on the site at the same time.

The process for this is called "DevOps", and it defines the path new features follow from development through testing and to production.

We start with version control tools that track the changes to the site code so multiple developers can contribute changes to files rather than entire files and avoid overwriting each others work.  The same tools track which version is currently in production so quick security patches can be applied without requiring the current development version to be deployed.

Automated testing tools are run every time a developer adds some new code to the site, finding errors before they become a major headache.

When all the tests have passed, and the next set of features are ready,

Hand-in-hand with DevOps is Agile development.  Agile breaks down development progess into small pieces and delivers the site incrementally.  As soon as the site has a minimum required set of features, the first deployment is made.  After that, new features are introduced on a regular schedule.  Depending on your needs, this can be as long as every two weeks or as fast as multiple updates a day.

After each deployment, we take a look at what to do next.  The order the features will be delivered is usually laid out for the next several deployments, but changes are easily accomodated if, for example, you land an important sale and need a feature much earlier than originally planned.


DIY Site Management

Once we are done with a site, the day to day management falls entirely to your team.  No matter what you call them -- journalists, editors, moderators, curators -- your staff are the experts on the content for your site.  The delivered site must give them the tools to accomplish their mission.

We are still around to provide support, apply security updates, and deliver new features, but we stay out of the critical path of getting content up.

Scalable Site Building

It doesn't matter if you're managing a site for a local club, a fast growing business, or a multinational corporation.  Sentai Digital is able to build a site that will scale to your needs.

We can deploy to shared hosting environments that cost less than a pizza a month, work with managed hosting platforms, or build out custom, elastic AWS instances that automatically scale as site traffic ebbs and flows.

Fast Response to Zero Day Exploits

Bad news travels fast, as the saying goes.  And new security exploits actively in use by hackers is the bad news for your site.  Sentai Digital is active in the community, and we keep up with the latest threats so we can protect sites fast.

When a new security patch is released, we consider how critical it is to the site.  An exploit that targets a feature your site isn't using or requires access to features only granted to your staff can be put off until the next regular deployment, but something that requires no special access and can compromise the entire site needs to be handled immediately.

Site Migrations

Technology waits for no one, and the web is no different.  As older versions of software falls out of support, as new gadgets change the way we use the internet, web sites need to be refreshed to keep current.

Smartphones require websites to provide a mobile-friendly version, regulations on privacy and security mandate new protections for the user's data, and trends in social media demand websites adapt to reach their audiences.

From time to time, websites need to be migrated to new versions.

Why Sentai?

Super Sentai is a genre of TV shows from Japan, about teams of super heroes.  You've probably seen or heard of a few that have made their way to the U.S., such as Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Voltron, and Battle of the Planets (originally Gatchaman.)  All of these shows have the same formula: three to five kids with primary colored outfits and/or robots, each with their own special ability, fight the monster of the week and save the world.  The monster is always causing havoc and beating them easily one by one until they join together in a coordinated attack or as their mega-robot and take out the monster with ease.

When you get right down to it, they're shows aimed at kids to sell toys to teach that as a team you are more powerful than you are individually.  It is a philosophy that we support. Whether it is our own team or joining forces with the client's team, there is no problem we can't overcome when we work together as a team.